Praise and Worship Ministry

Ministers of the Word (Lectors), serve by proclaiming the Sacred Scripture during the Liturgy of the Word.  Competently performing this exercise enables the church to hear the Word of God clearly and receive it more readily.  The Lector also reads the Prayer of the Faithful.

Eucharistic Minister
As a Eucharistic Minister, a position appointed by the Pastor, during the Rite of Communion the Eucharistic Minister helps the Priest share the Eucharist.  They participate in the Mass from beginning to end. A Eucharistic Minister must be at least 18 years of age and attend training for this ministry at the Diocese. 

Altar Server
This is a very important ministry which enhances the celebration of Mass.  Altar Serving is one way young people can begin to live out their Baptism promises, by serving others and witnessing their faith in Jesus Christ.  In our parish, any boy or girl, grades 4 – 12, can become an Altar Server. 

The Sacristan arranges the books needed for the celebration, marking all the divisions.  He or she lays out the vestments and anything else needed for the celebration, such as cruets, chalices, ciboria, linens, oils, processional crosses, candles and torches.  The Sacristan also makes sure all lighting is on in the church at the proper time.

Mass Co-ordinator
Our guests will make a decision to return to our parish within the first 10 minutes of their visit.  By providing trained ministers in the role of Mass Co-ordinator, we can be better prepared to provide effective, efficient and exceptional service to our guests from the begining.  The Mass Co-ordinator makes sure each scheduled minister has signed in and is prepared to fulfill their role in the Mass.  15 minutes before the beginning of Mass, if the scheduled minister has not signed in, the Mass Co-ordinator will appoint someone familiar with the role.